Frequently Asked Questions

* We are here to provide a service which allows individuals to share and celebrate the memory of a loved one that has passed on. In addition to that service, we have included a free search function that allows users to raise their awareness of preventable fatalities.

*  Yes, anyone can place a marker to show where a loved one died.

The first 3 basic markers (name only) are free. 

To add a biography:

  • Pay $14.99 for a lifetime marker (one time payment)

If you have a coupon, be sure to enter the coupon code.

*  Yes, log in and use the edit function for that marker.

  *  Yes, since the markers are a way to celebrate the memory of an individual, multiple markers can be placed in one area but they will all be considered and treated as separate.

  *  It is possible to place a marker for a group but it can be placed in only one location.

* See Terms of Use. It may become necessary to suspend markers that have failed to comply with our policies. Please login and make the necessary changes.

*Only one Icon can be in use per each marker.  See Terms of Use paragraph 13.

  *  Please see the Create a Serenity Zone link at the bottom of the homepage.