About Us

In June 2010, I was on Hwy 35 headed to Dallas, and I saw a cross on the roadside and wondered what happened, then I wondered if anyone else had wondered what happened.  I tried to do research and find out, but resources were few.  Each cross we see is a life and a story.  We made this website to give grieving individuals an accessible way to tell the story of what occurred and share the memory of someone special.

Now others can find out what happened, Raise Awareness, and celebrate in someone's memory.


My name is Donald. I was raised in a small Texas town northwest of Houston. I was an Intelligence Specialist in the United States Marine Corps.  I have a BA in Anthropology from Texas A&M. Since college, I've been managing restaurants.

My wife, Sara, was raised all over Texas.  She has been a teacher, a manager, and a Real Estate agent.  She has a BA in Psychology from Midwestern State University.